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Smart Home Control powered by NETPIE

By using this, first step you need to install Node.js
after that type "npm install smarthomecontrol"
then go to to get
APPID, APPKEY, APPSECRET, then let do follow this example

var Smarthome = require("smarthomecontrol");

const APPID = "APPID";
const KEY = "APPKEY";
const ALIAS = "ALIAS";

You can get ALIAS from SmartHomeControl on Google Play Store

To connect

Smarthome.connect(APPID, KEY, SECRET, ALIAS);

To Chat to another device

Smarthome.sendMessage("reciever", "message");

To make notification in your mobile phone

Smarthome.sendMessage("reciever", "alert:message");

More info go to

If you have a question or report bug send email to