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Install package and SmartClient runtime(s):

 npm install smartclient-power [flags]

Update/reconfigure SmartClient runtime(s) (must be run from package directory):

 npm run update [flags]

where the supported flags are:

 --location=<directory>  where to install the SmartClient runtime(s);
                         default is to place runtime root (isomorphic)
                         in the parent of the node_modules directory
                         containing the smartclient-power package

 --branch=<number>       desired branch (e.g. 11.1); default is 12.0

 --date=<date|'latest'>  desired build date, in format YYYY-MM-DD,
                         or 'latest'; default is 'latest'

                         which runtime(s) to install; default is 'both'

 --skins[=<boolean>]     whether to install all skins or not;
                         default is to only install Tahoe

 --yes[=<boolean>]       assume answer 'yes' to prompts with default

 --username=<string>     username for account on

 --password=<string>     password for account on

 --analytics[=<boolean>] install the optional Analytics module

 --rtm[=<boolean>]       install the optional RealtimeMessaging module

After installation, command-line configuration is persisted, so command-line arguments only need to be supplied when updating if the desired configuration has changed. If a username and password aren't supplied via the above options, you will be prompted to enter them by the update script. A password typed in response to the script won't be persisted to your configuration, so you may choose to always enter it interactively for security.

Note that since 'npm update' no longer runs a package's update script, you must use the syntax above to update the runtime(s) if the package has already been installed.


New install, selecting a specific branch and date:

 npm install smartclient-power --branch=11.1 --date=2018-12-30

Update to latest nighlty build (run from package directory):

 npm run update --date=latest

Update to SmartClient 12.0 branch, installing all skins:

 npm run update --branch=12.0 --skins



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