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This is a tiny server that renders a given url and returns it as PNG image. At we use it to render previews of javascript enabled pages.

Note: The server will always wait for window.prerenderReady=true to be set.

How-to run

via node

npm install && npm run serve

via docker

docker run -p 80:80 -d smallstack/smallstack-webpage-renderer

How-to use

The tiny server has only one endpoint so far, which is /render. Possible Parameters are :

Parameter Optional Default Value Example Description
url no - The url to be rendered
mobile yes false true Sets useragent to iPhone and uses smaller screen size
width yes 1280 (mobile: 375) 3840 The browser width
height yes 800 (mobile: 677) 2160 The browser height
additionalWait yes 100 5000 additional ms to wait after page got loaded