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Slush React Redux

A slush generator for apps using react and redux.


npm install -g slush
npm install -g slush-rr
mkdir newProject && cd newProject
slush rr

This will install slush and the generator. Then it will run the generator in a directory called newProject.


  • Configured webpack with
    • Configured dev server
    • es2015, react, and stage-0
    • auto eslints with js standard
  • Use gulp to generate react components
  • Mocha is setup with es6 support
  • The redux chrome extension is setup


  • npm run test - Runs mocha
  • npm run start - Runs the webpack dev server
  • npm run build:dev - Build for development
  • npm run build:pro - Build for production
  • npm run gen:component - Generate a react component


  • /client - All files for the client side of the app.
    • index.html - The front ends home page
    • bundle.js - The compiled javascript file.
    • /js - The containing directory for all javascript source files
      • index.js - The main js file, used as the entry for webpack
      • /reducers - The root directory for redux reducers
      • /components - All react components
      • containers - React components which are connected to redux
  • /templates - Base files used for generation