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Slush generator with ReactJS+Fluxxor

Getting Started

Install slush generator

npm install -g slush

Install gulp

npm install -g gulp

Make a new directory, and cd into it

mkdir my-app && cd $_

Install react-fluxxor generator

npm install -g slush-react-fluxxor

Generate your app template

slush react-fluxxor

Run gulp to preview on local host.

Generated Project

Folder structure

All files for your application should go inside app/src in its corresponding subfolder (actions|components|constants|stores).


When adding a new Store you should create a new file on app/src/stores. Let's say app/src/stores/place.jsx.
Then you should add it to the stores list in app/src/stores.jsx:

var TodoStore = require('./stores/todo');
var PlaceStore = require('./stores/place'); // New store

var stores = {
  TodoStore: new TodoStore(),
  PlaceStore: new PlaceStore() // New store

module.exports = stores;

Then the new created store will be automatically included to your Flux application. Actions will also be automatically be included this way, using the file app/src/actions.jsx.

React Components

By default, the component src/components/application.jsx is included and rendered in the app.jsx, then, for convenience, you may use this component as a root component for your application.


See the for instructions (in progress...)


slush-react-fluxxor is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.