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Slush React simple boilerplate generator

It is a generator for simple creation setup React projects.


[sudo] npm i -g slush slush-react-boilerplate


mkdir myProject

cd myProject

slush react-boilerplate


In the generator there is:

The generator used Webpack for build project.

You can select the desired config from presented below.

JavaScript type:

  • ES5
  • Babel
  • TypeScript

Babel Presets(only for Babel):

  • es2015
  • es2016
  • es2017
  • react
  • stage-0
  • state-1

Babel plugin(only for Babel):

  • syntax-async-generators
  • transform-regenerator

JavaScript Framework:

  • React
  • or without framework

CSS Framework:

  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation

If you choose React and any CSS Framework, you will be choose:

  • for Bootstrap:
    • reactstrap
    • react-bootstrap
  • for Foundation:
    • react-foundation

Architecture (only for React):

  • Redux
  • React Apollo

Redux tools(only for Redux):

  • redux-saga
  • redux-thunk
  • redux-localstorage
  • redux-form
  • redux-logger

Localization (only for React):

  • react-intl

Style guilde tools:

  • ESLint

ESLint Presets (only for ESLint):

  • React
  • Standart


  • Jest

CSS Pre-processor

  • Stylus
  • LESS