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This package has been deprecated

Author message:

Please, do not install this package! It is outdated, obsolete and unmaintained. Period. Try `generator-phaser-plus` instead.


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HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL! A Slush generator for Phaser web game projects, packed with lots of good features.

Batteries included

Every project created with this generator includes the following tool-set:

  • Gulp task manager, to handle development and distribution tasks, with alternative npm scripts provided.

  • BrowserSync development server for cross-device testing.

  • Browserify support for easier management of components and dependency tracking.

  • Babel to compile scripts written in ECMAScript 2015 (and future specs) into scripts compatible with today's browsers. Check which language features are currently supported.

  • EditorConfig support, for consistent editor configuration between collaborators — check if EditorConfig support is available for your code editor.

  • ESLint for code quality check.

  • Customizable scripts for automated Audio Sprites generation (Requires FFMpeg).

The generated sample project is based on my phaser-plus-template and, using this generator, you always get a working project similar to that. In fact, that project began before slush-phaser-plus, and it is regularly updated with improvements and bug fixes. If you have questions regarding the sample project or want to contribute with suggestions or bug fixes, feel free to ask there.

Installation Instructions

Firstly, you need a development environment compatible with Node.js properly installed and configured in your system to use with this generator. After that, use npm to install slush-phaser-plus (and slush, if you didn't already), issuing the following commands on a terminal emulator:

npm install --global slush              # To install `slush`. 
npm install --global slush-phaser-plus  # To install this generator. 

Also, it's a good idea to have these installed too, as you may find them useful later:

npm install --global gulp   # A task manager and streaming build system. 


Start by creating a new directory to host your new project contents and go inside it, then run slush-phaser-plus, issuing the following commands, like in the example below:

mkdir my-project  # Note: Replace 'my-project' with whatever you like. 
cd my-project
slush phaser-plus

A brief questionnaire, asking you some details about your soon-to-be new game project, should appear. Answer every question to proceed with the project creation. slush-phaser-plus will take care of installing all project dependencies for you automatically.

Available sub-generators

slush-phaser-plus comes with some preset sub-generators to aid you in some common game development tasks with Phaser. To use any of these, just run slush-phaser-plus as you would, appending the name of your desired sub-generator.

$ slush phaser-plus:<sub-generator>

The following sub-generators are available, performing the tasks as described:

  • state : Generates Phaser.State classes.
  • object: Helps creating game objects from a set of base classes.
  • plugin: A boilerplate for your own Phaser plug-ins.


Source code distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

Did you know?

Slush is a tool that uses Gulp for project scaffolding.

Slush does not contain anything "out of the box", except the ability to locate installed slush generators and to run them with liftoff.

To find out more about Slush, check out the documentation.


npm i slush-phaser-plus

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