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A slush generator for Pagespace


Install slush-pagespace globally:

npm install -g slush-pagespace

Remember to install slush globally as well, if you haven't already:

npm install -g slush


Create a new directory for your project:

mkdir new-pagespace-site

Run the generator from within the new directory:

cd new-pagespace-site
slush pagespace

You will now be prompted to give your new Pagespace site name.

Project structure

The following projecct structure will be generated

├── .gitignore
├── package.json
├── app.js                    # Express app setup  
├── bin
│   └── www                   # Script to start the HTTP server (npm start)
└── theme                     # Customize templates and public assets in this directory    
    ├── templates    
    │   └── main.hbs          # Starter template  
    └── assets
        ├── css
        │   └── styles.js     # Start CSS. Use your preferred CSS structure or preprocesser     
        └── favicon.ico                        


Run npm start to start your Pagespace server.

The Pagespace middleware configuration in app.js is for simple local development. More advanced configuration is also available which more suitable for other setups such as production.

Next steps

Start by going to http://localhost:3000/_dashboard

Login with admin / admin and start working with Pagespace by importing templates and plugins.