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Generate a simple scaffolding to build a node-webkit app with Express and NeDB


You need install gulp and slush previously to run this generator.

  1. To install gulp globally, use:
$ [sudo] npm install -g gulp
  1. To install slush globally, use:
$ [sudo] npm install -g slush
  1. Finally, install the generator:
$ [sudo] npm install -g slush-nodewebkit-express-nedb

To run the generator, use:

$ slush nodewebkit-express-nedb

This generator have any tasks running with gulp:

To run application in currenty platform, use:

$ gulp run

To zip application, use: (Working in Linux and OSX)

$ gulp zip

To compile application for Windows:

$ [sudo] gulp win

To compile application for OSX:

$ [sudo] gulp osx

To compile application for Linux:

$ [sudo] gulp linux
If an error occurs with the tasks "gulp osx", "gulp win" or "gulp linux", dont worry, Its just a mismatch in versions of nodewebkit with the compiler, but either way your project will be compiled.