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    A generator to projects using Angular 1.x and ES6

    npm install -g slush slush-ng6
    mkdir app
    cd app
    slush ng6

    After the generation, install the npm modules.

    The generator uses a lot of tools to build the project, so it will take a while.

    So why this generator?

    This is quite different from other generators out there. It comes with a different approach on componentization and integration with Angular.

    Creating components

    After the setup, you can use these gulp tasks to add components into your app:

    • gulp add:component

    Adds a new component under src/lib/component. This will create only the file structure. You still need to add your components to src/lib/component/module.js

    • gulp add:service

    Creates a new service structure, i.e. the service unit and a companion unit test file.

    • gulp add:module

    Creates a new module declaration file

    • gulp add:class

    Adds a JS class to your app. This is different from a service: the class will usually be imported into another unit and instantiated there, using the new operator. Or it may be just a static file with something your app needs.


    npm i slush-ng6

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