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Slush generator jspm makes ES6 modular development easy!

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Simply install slush, this generator and jspm globally:

npm install -g slush slush-jspm jspm
mkdir appName
cd appName
slush jspm

to run...

npm start

to build javascript when production ready...

npm run build

And just like that, you're on the way to making your app!

File Structure

Unlike many other slush generators, this generator is completely unopinionated about what you do with your assets. This build process is JUST FOR JAVASCRIPT. There is no moving of assets or compiling of css, jade etc. Adding a build process would be very easy with this slim structure if one is necessary.

├─ dist
├─ src
├─ package.json


The boilerplate comes with a tiny library called Easel. Easel sets up a canvas that will fit the perspective of the window and automatically adjust in size when the window is resized. It's an extremely small library and sets up a few variables that I find very useful:

  • ctx : context of the canvas
  • v.w : viewport width in pixels
  • v.h : viewport height in pixels
  • r(number) : returns a decimal between 0 and number
  • r(number,0,1) : returns an integer between 0 and number
  • r(num1,num2) : returns a decimal between num1 and num2
  • r(num1,num2,1) : returns an integer between num1 and num2
  • Easel.background : color to flood the canvas with when it redraws
  • Easel.redraw() : override this function to handle redraws on resize, or call it by hand


This boilerplate of mine is just a combination of great tools, all credit goes to those who actually put in all the hard work to create them.

  • There have been many Slush generators that have been instrumental in getting all those pesky apps developed on time. It's great to finally have an alternative to Yeoman.
  • Dropped Traceur for Babel (formerly 6to5) because it has more readable compiled code. You can gather more specifics on comparisons of the two at their website.
  • JSPM is a package manager that sits ontop of npm, github or browserify to load modules using SystemJS.


npm i slush-ng-harmony-jspm

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