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A Slush-based module generator with typescript, babel, webpack and testing infrastructure


The module generator depends on two global dependencies - Yarn and Slush. If you dont already have them installed, please install them and the generator using:

npm install -g yarn && yarn global add slush slush-haaretz-lib

In the event you do already have them installed, install the generator:

yarn && yarn global add slush-haaretz-lib


Once you have the generator installed, cd to a directory of your choice (where your new project will be created) and run slush haaretz-lib from the commend line.

Once the scaffolding is complete, your new project is ready to be worked on.


File Structure

___ config/      Project configuration files.
|___ dist/       Production-ready generated files.
|__ src/         Library source files
|  |
|  |__ Lib/      Library sub modules
|  |
|  |__ Styles/   Stylesheets
|__ static/      Static files needed for the project,
                 namely html and images.

index.{ts,js} within the src directory, is the library's entry point, while submodules should reside in their own files inside the src/lib/ directory.

Stylesheets (css or scss) should be placed in the src/styles directory. They can then be directly imported into index.{ts,js} using import './styles/<filename>'. When building for production, a single css file called style.css will be generated in the dist directory, and automatically linked to in the html file.

NPM Scrips

Your new progect comes with several ready-made scripts which you can run with npm run <script-name>:

  • build - Builds production-ready files.
  • dev - Fires up the webpack dev server.
  • lint - Lints your files.
  • serve - Start a BrowserSync live server serving from dist.
  • test - Run test specs.
  • tdd - Run test specs whenever files change.
  • test:browser - Run test specs in a browser environment (using Karma).
  • tdd:browser - Run test specs in a browser environment (using Karma) whenever files change.
  • jsdoc - Generate JSdoc documentation.
  • gh-pager - Publish documentation as gh-pages.