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Slush BioJS

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A slush generator for BioJS packages.

Getting Started


Install slush-biojs globally:

npm install -g slush-biojs

Remember to install slush globally as well, if you haven't already:

npm install -g slush

Warning: You might need to use sudo. You can also setup npm to install packages into your userdir.


Create a new folder for your project:

mkdir my-module

Run the generator from within the new folder:

cd my-module && slush biojs

How to use

npm run provides a run environment with all locally installed modules in the PATH var. So if you hate typing, you can install the programm globally (-g).

1. Snippets / Examples (only for visualization)

Allows you to write minimal example snippets of your visualization. These snippets will be used for the BioJS registry and each snippet can visualize for one specific use case of your component (e.g. adjusting the menubar or changing default color). Those snippets can later be easily edited in a web editor like JSBin and thus should be minimal. A rule of thumb maximum for a snippet is 10 lines (otherwise your component is probably really hard to use).

npm run sniper

and open http://localhost:9090/examples

Executed command: biojs-sniper

2. Watchify (only for visualization)

Watches all your files and runs browserify on every change. Combine this with the sniper. (Subsequent runs of watchify are fast).

npm run watch

Executed command: gulp watch

3. Test (optional)

npm run test

Executed command: gulp test

They are grouped into two sections:

  • Non-DOM gulp test-unit (folder: test/unit)
  • DOM-only gulp test-dom (folder: test/dom)


  • The Unit tests are run with PhantomJS, if you want to debug them open the test/index.html your browser.
  • You need to add your DOM tests to the test/dom/index.js.

If you want to auto-execute all your test on a file change, run:

npm run test-watch

4. CSS (optional + only for visualization)

The will run parcelify and bundle all your CSS resources.

npm run css

(you can add transforms for SASS or LESS and use the npm run watch-css to constantly watch for css changes)

Learn more about CSS Stylesheets in BioJS

5. Run everything at once

npm run w

This will be available depending on your slush configuration. It is an alias for:

prunner "npm run task1" "npm run task2"

Prunner allows on to run multiple npm tasks in one shell. Normally at least npm run sniper and npm run watch are included in this. Check your package.json for your exact configuration.


  • command line arguments (parsed by minimist)
  • environment variables prefixed with slush-biojs_
  • if you passed an option --config file then from that file
  • a local .slush-biojsrc or the first found looking in ./ ../ ../../ ../../../ etc.
  • $HOME/.slush-biojsrc
  • $HOME/.slush-biojs/config
  • $HOME/.config/slush-biojs
  • $HOME/.config/slush-biojs/config
  • /etc/slush-biojsrc
  • /etc/slush-biojs/config


  "authorName": "greenify",
  "authorEmail": "",
  "userName": "greenify"
  "license": "MIT"

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