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Getting Started

Install aap-restify:

clone the repo into a local folder and in the local folder run

$ npm install
$ npm link

This will install the slush app for you globally. (This will change once this app is hosted on npm)


$ slush aap-restify [your-swagger.yaml]

A new project folder will be created with the name of your app. If you pass a swagger file location, it will be copied to api/swagger/swagger.yaml automatically. If you don't pass your own swagger file, a default "hello world" will be placed there.

Why Pass a Swagger File?

A test file will be automatically generated for every path in your swagger file. This means lots of lines of tedious code are written for you! You will find these tests at test/api/client.

Test Coverage

You can run all of your tests with npm test. To check code coverage: npm run coverage.