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Slush Aap-poc

Slush Generator for AAP PoC

Getting Started

Install slush-aap-poc globally:

$ npm install -g slush-aap-poc

You'll also need to have bower, slush and gulp installed globally for a smooth installation

$ npm install -g bower gulp slush


Create a new folder for your project:

$ mkdir my-slush-aap-poc

Run the generator from within the new folder:

$ cd my-slush-aap-poc && slush aap-poc

Steps (To install slush aap-poc package):

  1. Install npm package if its not available in a particular host or system.
  2. Once npm is available, Install the node package 'slush-aap-poc' globally. $ npm install -g slush-aap-poc
  3. Create an new folder, move to the working directory and give the following command to slush the 'aap-poc' $ slush aap-poc
  4. Once above comment is given it prompts you to give the details
  5. Once the details given it will download the depended node modules and the App to the local system