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Tools for converting slp files to video

This CLI achieves the following:

  • Generates a folder for each set from a complete challonge event
  • Ganerates a folder for each set from a completed event
  • Creates a queue.json and bat file to run an queue of .slp files
  • Clears empty generated folders
  • Automates OBS Studio to record a list of sets as individual videos of your choice of format.

Resulting in able to play slippi files as a complete set as an mp4/flv/etc with playback controls! The only thing your are responsible for is remembering which slp files go to each set/folder.




Warning: Windows machine only at the moment.

In order to use this tool


npm install -g slp-recorder

Config JSON

Before running the program make sure you create a json file with the following keys. Depending on your needs you might want to skill some variables to be declared. Use the .example.json file as a template and copy the correct values.

Or you can run:


to create a new config.json step by step!

Needed for everything

  • DIR = Target Directory of your video outputs as well as your collected slippi files

Needed for Recording

  • ISO = Melee ISO used for dolphin
  • DOLPHIN = Dolphin execuatable used for replaying slippi files
  • OBS_PORT = Part for obs-websocket
  • OBS_PASS = Password for obs-websocket
  • OBS_SCENE = Scene used for OBS recording

Getting the slug


Example: would be tournament/alberta-melee-arcadian-5/event/melee-singles

You can just copy it from the URL and change events to event!

Getting the challonge slug<slug-copy-this-part>

Example: would be bauybnpp

You can just copy it from the URL.

Setting up the OBS Scene

On OBS, create a scene for your slippi recording. Create a Game Capture or window capture of the dolphin.exe that will be running the replays. Easiest way to catch this is playing a slp file via slippi launcher.

You will also want to go to settings -> output to pick your video format and other output opinions

Finally go to tools -> websocket server settings to choose your port and password.

Running Program

slp-recorder <config.json>

You can create your own folders for how to divide the slp files or you can use the first two opinions to generate the folders for you if you have a proper API key.

The third opinion creates a queue.json which is necessary to feed the dolphin exe to tell which slp files to play in sequence. It will also create a windows batch file that the program will use to play the dolphin emulation for the recording phase.

Before you start the recording option, make sure OBS is already running!


  • Finish Documentation
  • Refactor Youtube Upload
  • Stop restarting dolphin


npm i slp-recorder

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