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slowpoke takes as input an AST generated by esprima and injects instrumentation code into all for, while and do loops encountered therein. Any loop which does not terminate after a user-specified timeout will throw an error.


Get it:

$ npm install slowpoke

Require it:

var slowpoke = require('slowpoke');


slowpoke(ast, options)

Modifies ast in-place such that all slow loops will throw an Error. ast must be an esprima-compatible AST structure.

Supported options:

  • timeout: number of milliseconds after which loop should abort. Default: 5000.


slowpoke only catches slow for, while and do loops - it cannot detect unbounded recursion.

Because slowpoke uses Error throwing as its abort mechanism, code containing try/catch may not function as intended. Future work could modify catch blocks re-raise errors thrown by slow loops.