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    Slot framework

    Closing the gap between server and client side, Slot is a Cross Side MVC Web Framework that lets developers reuse code on both sides, see more at

    How to use?

    Slot is built in Node.js, and is deployed on index for easy use and distribution. Installing the slot-framework module you would enjoy all the necessary components to develop web projects using Slot Framework, but to ease your work, we have created the Slot Command Line.

    Just execute the next command line to install the framework global on your machine:

    $ npm install -g slot-cli

    On your preferred workspace directory, execute the next command to build your HelloWorld project:

    $ slot create hello

    Execute the next command to add a demoPage.html page:

    $ cd hello
    $ slot add -p demoPage

    And finally execute the next command to start up the Designer Server, and start prototyping you app:

    $ slot start
         DESIGNER Server on http://localhost:800/
     * Deployment:
       PID          5544
       Root         /home/hello
     * Framework:
       metaData     /bind
       webRootDir   /www
       mvcRootDir   /app/mvc
       restRootDir  /app/rest
       dbRootDir    /app/db
       restFilter   /rest
       mvcFilter    /mvc
     * Logger:
       logFile      logs/slot.log
       maxsize      104857600
       maxFiles     10
     * Server:
       devMode      true
       compress     true
       caching      true
       cacheType    inMemory
     CTRL + C to shutdown

    Now explore on your browser:

    $ http://localhost:800/
    $ http://localhost:800/demoPage.html

    The Slot Command Line will help you to create; Pages, Fragments and REST Services. See more on Slot Framework Docs ...


    npm i slot-framework

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