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    Slides CLI

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    Slides (CLI) is an easy way to create HTML slideshows from a markdown document. Just list your slides in one document and let Slides to the rest. It will split your slides and convert them to the reveal.js format. You can also pass an metadata that will be used so style your slide (i. e. a background image)


    Install Slides using npm:
    $ npm install -g slides-cli
    You will then have access to the slides command.


    slides expects a src/ directory with a file in it (this can be changed, see Options below). Any other files/folders in the src/ directory (with the exception of .scss file) will be coppied to the build/ folder when you run the command.

    Command Line Args

    • cwd: Change the projects root
    • path: Change the path to the input file (defaults to


    title: My Presenation
    author: Me
    Slide 1
    - some
    - bullet
    - points
    -- {
            img: 'some/img.jpg'
    Slide 2
    -- {
            img: 'img/logo.png'
            size: '120px'
            position: '10% 5%'
    Our Company!

    The section before the first -- is presentation metadata, like the title, author or stylesheets you want to include (see Theming below). This metadata is accesible from within the templates.

    Slides are separated by two dashes --. You can pass options along with a slide by wrapping YAML data within the {}s. For the most part these options are passed directly to reveal.js (through HTML).

    Presentation Options

    The only options that are used internally are:

    • reveal: object that will be passed directly to Reveal.initialize
    • theme: controlls the css and templates paths
      • css: the path to the scss file you want to render
      • templates: path to a wrap.hbt and a slide.hbt template


    Your custom style sheet will be processed with SASS, so make sure, it has a .scss extension. Include @import "base" at the top of your file to include the reveal.js base CSS.

    The default theme is reveal.js's default theme.

    Please refer to the reveal.js docs for more information on how to theme the slide shows.


    • custom templates
    • use matadata within slides
    • built in static file server
    • plugin support
    • shortcodes (maybe as plugin)




    npm i slides-cli

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