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This is the 6pac SlickGrid repo

This is the acknowledged most active non-customised fork of SlickGrid.

It aims to be a viable alternative master repo, building on the legacy of the mleibman/SlickGrid master branch, keeping libraries up to date and applying small, safe core patches and enhancements without turning into a personalised build.

Check out the examples for examples demonstrating new features and use cases, such as dynamic grid creation and editors with third party controls.

Also check out my wiki.

The following are the changes (most recent first) made since forking from the main MLeibman branch, a significant number in response to issues or pull requests.


  • breaking change: updated jquery.event.drag-2.2.js and jquery.event.drop-2.2.js to be compatible with jQuery 3, bumped these to jquery.event.drag-2.3.0.js and jquery.event.drop-2.3.0.js
  • tested with jQuery 1.8.3, 1.11.2, 2.2.4, and 3.1.0 -- thanks to lfilho
  • updated repo to work with jQuery 3.x (without needing jQuery-Migrate) -- thanks to lfilho
  • fix bug with refresh last row of grid
  • fix bug in compound editor example 'isValueChanged' method
  • add internal keycode enums
  • fix error in autotooltips test
  • remove deprecated jquery .browser property
  • fix bugs identified by JsHint
  • Patch absBox for null element bug (MLeibman #1066)
  • Fix column resizing issues with Bootstrap 3/box-sizing:border-box
  • Fix jQueryUI css interfering with SlickGrid css issues
  • Prevent useless onSelectedRangesChanged events in selectionmodels' setSelectedRanges
  • Fix tooltip error with draggable columns
  • additional version of ajax loading page, using Yahoo news and YQL as a source. the format of the grid rows is more in keeping with the newsfeed style of the original
  • Fix Issue #963 ajax example not working
  • update DataView compiled-expression regex to deal with some forms of minification
  • fix grouping bug (issue #841 & #896 mleibman#898)
  • Make default group comparer function more robust
  • Fix unnecessary horizontal scroll for autosized columns when viewport has fractional pixel width
  • Remove redundant slick pager code
  • Fix bug in dataview causing model benchmark test to throw an error
  • update to jquery-1.11.2 and jquery-ui-1.11.3, with minor patches to accommodate the change

New features:

  • Add example of jQueryUI autocomplete editor
  • Add KeyCaptureList property to editor, to allow editor to capture specified keys
  • add optional fixed footer row
  • Add example of dynamic tab and grid creation for grid with all the features of example-4-model
  • Add example of dynamic tab and grid creation for basic grid
  • add custom validator option to integer, float and date editors
  • Add grid as member of args parameter for all events, and to column formatter. Add dataView as member of args parameter for all dataView events
  • Add Floating Point editor
  • Allow custom editors to suppress automatic cell clear on edit
  • Add async post render async cleanup
  • Add multi grid on page example (example-multi-grid-basic)
  • Add jQueryUI accordion and Bootstrap 3 examples
  • Add css manipulation so that grid initialises successfully if the parent element is hidden

Original mleibman wiki.