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This is the 6pac SlickGrid repo

Check out the NEW SlickGrid Website!

This is the acknowledged and most active fork of SlickGrid.

It aims to be a viable alternative master repo, building on the legacy of the mleibman/SlickGrid master branch, keeping dependencies up to date and applying, safe core patches and enhancements to keep the project up to date.

We extended the project from the original SlickGrid foundation while also including the following changes:

  • added a few more Plugins: RowDetail, CellMenu, ContextMenu, GridMenu, CustomTooltip, GridState
  • merged X-SlickGrid code into the project to bring Frozen Columns/Rows (aka Pinning)
  • removed jQueryUI requirement in v3 (replaced it with SortableJS)
  • removed jQuery requirement in v4
  • modernized the project in v5 by migrating to TypeScript (we kept IIFE and added ES6/ESM build targets) and we also gave SlickGrid a fresh and more modern look via a new Alpine Theme (CSS/SASS)


Check out the Examples Wiki for a full list of examples demonstrating new features and use cases, such as dynamic grid creation and editors with third party controls.

Also check out the Wiki for news and documentation.

For a basic TypeScript example, take a look at the v5.0 Annoucement & Migration guide shown below and TypeScript Example Wiki.


There are multiple ways to use and install SlickGrid, you can use it as a standalone (IIFE) or install it through NPM then import or require SlickGrid.

# Alpine style from CDN
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

# standalone scripts (IIFE) from CDN
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
  const grid = new Slick.Grid("#myGrid", dataView, columns, options);

# or install from NPM
npm install slickgrid

<script type="module">
  import { SlickGrid, SlickDataView } from 'slickgrid';
  const dataView = new SlickDataView({ inlineFilters: true });
  const grid = new SlickGrid("#myGrid", dataView, columns, options);

For more CDN links, like controls and plugins, just headover to jsDevlivr - SlickGrid for the full list and click on the "Files" tab.


See Contributing Guide

E2E Tests with Cypress

We have started to add E2E (end to end) tests in the browser by using Cypress. You can see here the list of Examples that now have E2E tests. We also run these tests in the GitHub Actions Workflow (CI) on every Pull Request to avoid committing changes that might break the library. We currently have tests for over 30+ examples with over 350+ tests.

We welcome any new contributions and if you wish to add Cypress E2E tests, all you need to do is to clone the repo and run the following commands

npm install         # install all npm packages
npm run dev         # run a local development server on port 8080 in watch mode (or `npm run serve` without watch)
npm run cypress     # open Cypress UI tool

Once the Cypress UI is open, you can then click on "Run all Specs" to execute all E2E browser tests.


SlickGrid Migration Guide Description
3.x Announcing v3.0 dropping jQueryUI requirement and replaced it with SortableJS which is a lot more modern and touch friendly
4.x Announcing v4.0 dropping jQuery requirement, SlickGrid is now using browser native code
5.x Announcing v5.0 project modernization, added TypeScript with ES6, ESM builds and added a new Alpine Theme

CSP Compliance

The library is now, at least for the most part, CSP (Content Security Policy) compliant since v5.5.0, however there are some exceptions to be aware of. When using any html string as template (for example with Custom Formatter returning an html string), you will not be fully compliant unless you return TrustedHTML. You can achieve this by using the sanitizer method in combo with DOMPurify to return TrustedHTML, for more info please take a look at the CSP Compliance Wiki.

Quick Little Fun Survey ✨

We are conducting a small little poll for fun, it is a single question survey about our latest releases. Thanks for taking the time to participate.

What do you think was the most exciting change(s) for you?



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