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    Design doc

    The bot works by loading plugins with a configuration file slave.json.

    The slave.json contains:

    • botToken: Your bot token that you can find by creating a bot in the Discord dashboard
    • botUsername: Optional
    • initialPlayingGame: The initial playing game. If the game plugin is used, the game will be store in a datastore.
    • plugins: Array of plugins, optional
      • name: The name of the plugin (the name should not conflict)
      • path: If path is missing, the plugin is a name from the plugins folder
      • options: The plugin options
        "botToken": "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN",
        "botUsername": "BOT_USERNAME",
        "initialPlayingGame": "PLAYING_GAME", 
        "plugins": [
            { "name": "PLUGIN_NAME", "path": "PLUGIN_PATH", "options": {} }

    A plugin is a module that export:

    • a variable called plugin (very important) which has:
      • a name
      • a version
      • a register method (optional) - Used to do some initialization
      • a destroy method (optional) - Used to do some cleanup
      • an optional description
      • a optional usage description
      • some optional events listeners

    It follows this interface:

    export interface SlaveBotPlugin {
      description?: string;
      usage?: string;
      register?: (pluginPluginConfiguration) => Observable<any>;
      destroy?: (pluginPluginConfiguration) => void;
      events?: SlaveBotEvents;

    You can find all the events available here: SlaveBotEvents

    The plugin configuration object takes:

    • the plugin datastore (one datastore per plugin)
    • the server
    • the bot client
    • the plugin options
    • the plugin state (some state that can be used across functions)

    Try it: (work in progress)

    • Create an application in your discord dashboard
    • Create a bot
    • Clone the project
    • Create a slave.json file
    • Update the config, add at least the botToken.
    • Open this link:

    The client id can be found in your application created in the dashboard. The permissions can be found in the Discord documentation. Basic permissions for read/write are: 3072.

    • npm install
    • npm run tsc:watch
    • npm run start:watch


    npm i slave-bot

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