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slack commands for communicating about pairing / coworking with your team

Use "/pair" alone to list the status of all teammates:


Yes! Someone should come find me now. Let's pair:

  • Jeremia: "Want to work on design today! Open to other ideas."
  • Giselle: "Would love to do learn some JS today, or teach design"

OK. I'm working now but feel free to interrupt me:

  • Molly
  • Tom

Nope. Do Not Disturb:

Jason: travelling Maksim Peter: deadlines!

Use "/pair [yes/ok/no]" to set your status

/pair yes

Yes! You want to pair. Use "/pair on " to specify the you want to pair on.


/pair ok

OK! You're working but are OK with occassional interruptions for brief pairing.


/pair no

Bummer! You're too busy for pairing.


Pull requests are of course welcome and encouraged! You'll need

  1. A slack account and the ability to add slash commands
  2. ngrok or some other method of exposing a local port through a public URL

Once you pull down the project, simply run npm install to set up the dependencies. There is a required PAIRBOT_URL environment variable but you can source env.sample to set it. This is used so that the bot pings itself to keep the Heroku dynos up.

Then you should be able to just node web.js and be off to the races.

You'll be wanting a slack command integration and supply a publicly accessible URL along with a testing command. Slack uses these commands to trigger the integration. To test out your app you'll tell slack to /<your_testing_command> ok test all the things.

Of course, if you run into any problems you can always open an issue.

happy pairing :)