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    Slack Block Message Kit

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    This is a simple library that helps build slack block messages and all it's elements. It has robust validations to ensure mistakes are not made with the message formating.

    Table of Content

    How to Use

    Typically you will have setup a slack bot you wish to use in sending messages on slack. This document does not contain any instructions on how to setup a slack bot or how to communicate with the slack API for that mater. The instructions detailed below are to help build the slack message layout blocks that are sent to slack for display.

    Install the package as a dependency to get started. npm i --save slack-block-msg-kit

    To create an interactive message that has the payload to be sent to slack, make use of the InteractiveMessage class. Please note that the interactive message implementation here only supports the slack block kits. Support will be added for the legacy attachments.

    Below is a list of all the available blocks, elements and composition objects to be used in crafting your slack messages.

    Slack Dialogs

    Dialogs are a very convenient way of collecting information on slack. We have included a dialog class together with all supporting element to aid the creation of dialogs and elements in your codebase. Here is a list to the documentation of the dialog and all the elements.


    How to Contribute

    Here is a little help with that.


    npm i slack-block-msg-kit

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