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Slab decomposition data structure for 2D vertical ray queries


Given a collection of line segments, constructs a slab decomposition for the purpose of point location queries. This implementation uses a functional red-black tree to store the slabs, requires O(n log(n)) space and answers vertical ray queries in O(log(n)) time.


var makeSlab = require("slab-decomposition")
var slabs = makeSlab([
  [[0, 0], [10, 10]],
  [[10,10], [20, 0]],
  [[5, 5], [20, 0]]
for(var i=-10; i<10; ++i) {
  console.log(slabs.castUp([i, -1]))


npm install slab-decomposition


Constructs a slab decomposition from the segments

  • segments is a collection of line segments which only overlap at their end points

Returns A slab decomposition data structure

Casts a vertical ray from point going upward along [0,1]. Returns the index of the first segment hit.

  • point is the base point of the ray

Returns The index of the first segment hit by point, otherwise -1 if no segment intersects the ray.


(c) 2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License