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    Skyline Iot Events

    Allows multiple devices to talk to each other by subscribing and triggering events. Uses Firebase to implement PubSub.


    If you are using node or a javscript build process (browserify or webpack), just use the NPM module.

    >> npm install --save skyline-iot-events

    Otherwise, it also just works on any static HTML page. Just add a script reference to one of the builds in the /dist folder.

    <script src='skyline-iot-events/dist/iotEvents.min.js'></script> 


    Three methods are exposed to handle pubsub

    • iotEvents.trigger(key, payload) - Fire off an event of type 'key'. The payload is just an object, but please be a good citizen and at least add a source property.
    • iotEvents.subscribe(key, callback) - Listen for a device to call .trigger() on the specified key, your callback will be invoked with the triggering payload as the first argument.
    • iotEvents.unsubscribe(key, callback) - Stop listening to IOT events of the specified key.
    • iotEvents.subscribe('log', callback) - A quick little backdoor to listen to every event. Note: the first argument to your callback is an event not just the payload.

    Example Usage

    Check out the /demo folder for actual working examples... but here's the gist:

    You could have a Raspberry PI running node.js to control your lights

    var iotEvents = require('skyline-iot-events');
    var handleLightToggle = function(payload) {
        var newValue = payload.status === "on" ? true : false;
    var broadcastStatus = function() {
        var status = myLight.value ? "on" : "off"
        var payload = { source: "node-server", status: status };
        iotEvents.trigger("light-status", payload);
    iotEvents.subscribe("toggle-light", handleLightToggle);
    var setLightValue = function(newValue) {
        // device specific code to actually toggle light bulbs...
        myLight.value = newValue;

    Then you could have a static HTML file (no server required!) that includes a reference to one of the builds in the /dist folder.

    // === Turn the light on and off ===
    var toggleLight = function(status) {
        var payload = { source: "html-page", status: status };
        window.iotEvents.trigger("toggle-light", payload);    
    document.getElementById('turn-on-btn').onclick = function() { toggleLight("on"); }
    document.getElementById('turn-off-btn').onclick = function() { toggleLight("off"); }
    // === Real time display of the light's status ===
     * There may be other things toggling the light, so we can see the 
     * realtime status (w/ web sockets) by subscribing to the event
    var showLightStatus = function(payload) {
        document.getElementById("light").innerHTML = payload.status;
    // subscribe to events (fired from the node server in this example
    window.iotEvents.subscribe('light-status', showLightStatus);




    npm i skyline-iot-events

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