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sklog is intended to be a lightweight library for console logging. This was born out of laziness - it's very basic and simple to use. I didn't need 95% of the functionality in Winston's logger and I don't care about putting logs in a DB, if you need more functionality then check out Winston's great logger - it's full of features and other cool stuff.


From your project directory:

    $ npm install sklog

Within your application:

var log = require("sklog");
log("no loglevel");
log(0,"This is Information");
log(1,"This is a Warning");
log(2,"This is an Error");
log(3,"Non-existant log level");
log(3,{This:"Is an object",And:"I haas keys"});


   [ INFO]: This is Information 
   [ WARN]: This is a Warning 
   [ERROR]: This is an Error 
   [ INFO]: Non-existant log level
   [ INFO]:
        This    :       Is an object
        And     :       I haas keys

Is this All?

Long answer: yes, what more do you need?