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skipper emblem - face of a ship's captain Disk Blob Adapter

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Local filesystem adapter for receiving upstreams. Particularly useful for streaming multipart file uploads from the Skipper body parser.


$ npm install skipper-disk --save

If you're using this module with Express, Connect, Kraken, or a vanilla Node.js server, make sure you have skipper itself installed as your body parser. This is the default configuration in Sails as of v0.10.


This module is bundled as the default file upload adapter in Skipper, so the following usage is slightly simpler than it is with the other Skipper file upload adapters.

In the route(s) / controller action(s) where you want to accept file uploads, do something like:

  // ...options here... 
},function whenDone(err, uploadedFiles) {
  if (err) return res.negotiate(err);
  else return res.ok({
    files: uploadedFiles,
    textParams: req.params.all()

For more detailed usage information and a full list of available options, see the Skipper repo, especially the section on "[](Uploading to Local Disk)".



Also be sure to check out in the Skipper repo.

To run the tests:

$ npm test


MIT © 2013, 2014-

Mike McNeil, Balderdash & contributors


This module is part of the Sails framework, and is free and open-source under the MIT License.

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