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Are you spending lots of extra time making sure your files are meticulous? We sweat the details and created an Assistant to help all of us quickly spot issues. Let’s get rid of the items that weigh us down. Abandoned layers? Forgotten borders and fills? Empty groups? Redundant styles? With the Organizer Assistant, you’ll Marie Kondo your design file to spark some serious joy for yourself and your team!

To see a demo and get the latest updates, visit us at Slice Design.

Assistant Rules

Organizer Assistant uses the following list of design rules to check your designs:

Group Abandoned Layers

Grouping layers together makes your work organized and allows you to move things together, apply group properties and reduce scrolling. To create a group, select two or more layers and press ⌘ + G.

Remove Forgotten Borders

It looks like you have a hidden border style. Sketch makes it easy to add multiple borders with different thicknesses, colors and blend modes. Nevertheless, it’s smart to reduce uncertainty and remove what’s not in use.

Remove Forgotten Fills

It looks like you have forgotten about this fill style. What’s more powerful than Sketch’s multiple fill types? Keeping your Layers neat and clean.

Delete Empty Groups

Empty Groups have no use and could be deleted. Groups are great for organizing, using Tint features and moving Layers together.

Ungroup Unnecessary Groups

It looks like you love grouping things together, but you might want to consider ungrouping these redundant nested groups. Select it and choose Ungroup from the Toolbar, or press ⌘ + ⇧ + G.

Remove Forgotten Inner Shadows

It looks like you have forgotten about this inner shadow. You can apply multiple shadows to the same layer, but the unused ones can be removed.

Disregarding Shared Style

It looks like your layers aren’t following the shared styles. You could update or make a new shared style if this is a common characteristic.

Follow the Naming Convention

Proper naming convention is essential for keeping your Symbols organized in the Components Panel. Stay organized and ensure that you group your Symbols using forward slashes, e.g. Buttons/Primary/Text + Glyph.

Remove Forgotten Shadows

Deleting unused shadows will remove uncertainty from design elements and will make it clear of their purpose and origins.

Respecting Text Styles

It looks like you can set the text style accordingly or create a new shared style if this font is a common preference in your design.


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