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    A library for Sketch plugins that lets you load UI views from NIB files built with Interface Builder.

    Basic usage

    This library is designed for use with skpm.

    1. Install the library in your plugin code:

      npm install --save sketch-nibui
    2. Create an XIB file in Interface Builder with a single top-level NSView or NSWindow.

    3. Convert the XIB to a NIB and place it in your plugin's assets directory:

      ibtool --compile assets/MyUI.nib MyUI.xib

      Note: I'm hoping to automate this in the future with a custom webpack plugin or loader for skpm.

    4. Load the views in your plugin code using nibui.load(), which returns an object with a rootView property set to the top-level NSView in your NIB if successful.

      const nibui = require('sketch-nibui');
      export default function(context) {
        let nib = nibui.load(context, 'MyUI'); // MyUI.nib
        let dialog = NSAlert.alloc().init();

    Quick access to subviews:

    You'll likely want to access subviews under your top-level NSView. To do that:

    1. In Interface Builder, select the subview and in the Identity inspector, set the view's Identifier to an ID like myView.

    2. Access it using nib.views.myView

    Using windows

    If your XIB has an NSWindow as its top-level view, you can access it with nib.rootWindow and its content view with nib.rootView. Access subviews using nib.views.myView like when the top-level view is an NSView.

    Handling events

    You can pair this library with something like MochaJSDelegate to attach event handlers to your views.

    Hint: you can use the delegate for button clicks using yourButton.setTarget(delegate) and yourButton.setAction(NSSelectorFromString('yourClickAction:'));


    npm i sketch-nibui

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