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Skelly webhooks provide real-time updates for Dota 2 and Valorant.

The API sends the most up-to-date information using the POST method whenever something changes. Note that all fields are optional and some may be empty at the beginning.

The npm package works with Node.js.


npm package

Installing the package using npm:

npm install skelly-webhooks

Download Skelly

Download Skelly for Windows from Overwolf.

Create account

Create a personal Skelly account.

Image: Skelly create account

Confirm the verification link sent to you by e-mail. You might need to check your spam folder.

Add webhook

You can either manually add a webhook to your settings or might be sent to by another tool which automatically adds a webhook.

The process to automatically add webhooks is described futher below.

Image: Skelly add webhook

Local testing

Start server

Run a test server to listen to post messsages from Skelly using the npm package:

node .\node_modules\skelly-webhooks\dist\index.js

Or you can also download this GitHub repository:

git clone

cd skelly-webhooks

npm install

npm run build

node .\dist\server.js

Get real-time data

Launch Dota 2 and spectate or play a match.

Sample output

You should get an output similar to this one:

Listening at
  "classId": 7314,
  "gameMode": "NONE",
  "lobbyType": "NONE",
  "messageId": "3f6fb54c-333d-43ee-8f98-ccde027c9096",
  "timestamp": 1692700863
  "classId": 7314,
  "gameMode": "GameMode_AllDraft",
  "lobbyType": "DOTA_lobby_type_name_ranked",
  "messageId": "5722c789-9260-4628-9899-6591bcac7b38",
  "timestamp": 1692700895
  "classId": 7314,
  "gameMode": "GameMode_AllDraft",
  "lobbyType": "DOTA_lobby_type_name_ranked",
  "gameState": "spectating",
  "players": [
      "steamId": "76561198303934205",
      "accountId": "343668477",
      "name": "159",
      "hero": "tusk",
      "team": 3,
      "role": 0,
      "teamSlot": 1,
      "rank": 80,
      "playerIndex": 2
  "messageId": "b7fe2741-b92b-4e2f-ae8c-5e8d83fb0166",
  "timestamp": 1692700895

Automatically adding webhooks

For automation, forward the user to the following page: And provide the query parameters described below.

Query paramters

Parameter Requirement Description
url mandatory Your webhook URL
secret optional String of 10 to 50 characters URL
source mandatory Identify who you are (for the user to recognize you)
image optional Image shown on the Skelly page (for the user to recognize you)
game mandatory The game you want to get real-time data for. To get data for multiple games, you can add this parameter multiple times. The supported games are 'dota2' and 'valorant'.


interface QueryParams {
  url: string;
  source: string;
  image?: string;
  game: "dota2" | "valorant";


const baseUrl = "";

const queryParams: WebhookQueryParams = {
  url: "",
  source: "dotabod",
  image: "",
  game: "dota2",

const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryParams);

const url = `${baseUrl}?${urlParams.toString()}`;



Message authentication

Skelly provides message authentication, which allows you to get signed messages from Skelly. This feature is optional.

If you want messages to be signed, you can add a secret key to your webhook. The secret key should be between 10 and 50 characters long. Skelly then uses this secret to sign massages using HMAC-SHA256 (hash-based message authentication code). The signature is passed in the POST request's header "skelly-signature".

To create secret keys you should consider using a random byte generator meant for cryptography, e.g. crypto.randomBytes(16) to create 16 random bytes. The 16 random bytes could then be converted to a Base64 string and be used as secret key.

Dota 2

Post format

Message format for Dota 2 posts:

export interface IDota2Post {
  classId: 7314;
  steamId?: string;
  mmr?: number;
  confidence?: number;
  gameMode?: "NONE" | "GameMode_AllPick" | "GameMode_Turbo";
  lobbyType?: string;
  gameState?: "playing" | "idle" | "spectating";
  players?: {
    steamId: string;
    accountId: string;
    name: string;
    hero: string;
    team: 2 | 3;
    role: 0 | 1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | 16 | "other";
    team_slot: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4;
    player_index: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9;

Description of fields

Field Type Description
classId number Game the post refers to (Dota2: 7314, Valorant: 21640)
steamId string 64-bit Steam ID
mmr number Player's current mmr
confidence number Player's mmr confidence level
gameMode string The game mode played, e.g. "NONE", "GameMode_AllPick", or "GameMode_Turbo"
lobbyType string The lobby type, e.g. "DOTA_lobby_type_name_custom_lobby"
gameState string Either "playing", "idle" or "spectating"
players array An array of player objects

Description of player object

Field Type Description
steamId string 64-bit Steam ID
accountId string 32-bit account ID, also known as friend ID
name string The player's name
hero string The NPC short name of the player, e.g. legion_commander
team number The player's team, i.e. 2 for radiant and 3 for dire
role number Role defined for the player. Possible values: 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or other
teamSlot number A value between 0 and 4
playerIndex number A value between 0 and 9 in standard games

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