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    Apache SkyWalking Client JS

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    Apache SkyWalking Client-side JavaScript exception and tracing library.

    • Provide metrics and error collection to SkyWalking backend.
    • Lightweight
    • Make browser as a start of whole distributed tracing



    The skywalking-client-js runtime library is available at npm.

    npm install sixthsense-javascript-agent --save

    Quick Start

    skywalking-client-js requires SkyWalking 8.2+

    User could use register method to load and report data automatically.

    import ClientMonitor from "sixthsense-javascript-agent";
    // Report collected data to `http:// + + /browser/perfData` in default
      collector: '',
      service: 'test-ui',
      pagePath: '/current/page/name',
      serviceVersion: 'v1.0.0',


    The register method supports the following parameters.

    Parameter Type Description Required Default Value
    collector String In default, the collected data would be reported to current domain(/browser/perfData. Then, typically, we recommend you use a Gateway/proxy to redirect the data to the OAP(resthost:restport). If you set this, the data could be reported to another domain, NOTE the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issuse and solution. false -
    service String project id. NOTE, in tracing data requests, the service parameter is service + '<browser>'. true -
    serviceVersion String project verison true -
    pagePath String project path true -
    jsErrors Boolean Support js errors monitoring false true
    apiErrors Boolean Support API errors monitoring false true
    resourceErrors Boolean Support resource errors monitoring false true
    useFmp Boolean Collect FMP (first meaningful paint) data of the first screen false false
    enableSPA Boolean Monitor the page hashchange event and report PV, which is suitable for single page application scenarios false false
    autoTracePerf Boolean Support sending of performance data automatically. false true
    vue Vue Support vue errors monitoring false undefined
    traceSDKInternal Boolean Support tracing SDK internal RPC. false false
    detailMode Boolean Support tracing http method and url as tags in spans. false true

    Collect Metrics Manually

    Use the setPerformance method to report metrics at the moment of page loaded or any other moment meaningful.

    1. Set the SDK configuration item autoTracePerf to false to turn off automatic reporting performance metrics and wait for manual triggering of escalation.
    2. Call ClientMonitor.setPerformance(object) method to report
    • Examples
    import ClientMonitor from 'skywalking-client-js';
      collector: '',
      service: 'browser-app',
      serviceVersion: '1.0.0',
      pagePath: location.href,
      useFmp: true

    Special scene

    SPA Page

    In spa (single page application) single page application, the page will be refreshed only once. The traditional method only reports PV once after the page loading, but cannot count the PV of each sub-page, and can't make other types of logs aggregate by sub-page.
    The SDK provides two processing methods for spa pages:

    1. Enable spa automatic parsing
      This method is suitable for most single page application scenarios with URL hash as the route.
      In the initialized configuration item, set enableSPA to true, which will turn on the page's hashchange event listening (trigger re reporting PV), and use URL hash as the page field in other data reporting.
    2. Manual reporting
      This method can be used in all single page application scenarios. This method can be used if the first method is invalid.
      The SDK provides a set page method to manually update the page name when data is reported. When this method is called, the page PV will be re reported by default. For details, see setPerformance().
    app.on('routeChange', function (next) {
        collector: '',
        service: 'browser-app',
        serviceVersion: '1.0.0',
        pagePath: location.href,
        useFmp: true

    Tracing range of data requests in the browser

    Support tracking these(XMLHttpRequest and fetch) two modes of data requests. At the same time, Support tracking libraries and tools that base on XMLHttpRequest and fetch, such as Axios, SuperAgent, OpenApi and so on.

    Demo project

    Demo project provides instrumented web application with necessary environment, you could just simple use it to see the data SkyWalking collected and how SkyWalking visualizes on the UI. See more information, click here.

    Contact Us

    Release Guide

    All committers should follow Release Guide to publish the official release.


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