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    SIPA Particularly simple web framework NPM version NPM downloads License: LGPLv3

    Particularly simple old school single page lightweight web framework for clever javascript developers.

    You need to be clever to understand why this framework is that party(cular) you want to have.

    But I allow you to use it anyway!

    - under heavy development, alpha state. First beta version including some documentation is planned to be released within spring 2021


    Why Sipa?

    I just want to develop with Vanilla JS and HTML the old way, I want to directly run and debug the code I code in the browser.

    I don't want to learn a new framework world. I can JavaScript, I want to do JavaScript. I want it simple, I want it stupid easy.

    ... and at the end I want to be happy! :-)

    Main features

    • Solid basic project structure State
    • Simple but powerful page pattern with loader / router State
    • Live development web server for JavaScript and SCSS State
    • Life cycle with hook feature State
    • Internationalization out of the box State
    • EJS template engine State
    • Builder to create compressed and minified .js and .css for production State

    Shipped libraries

    • CurlyBracketParser for url parsing
    • LuckyCase for name case transformations
    • EJS for embedded javascript template rendering
    • jQuery for having fun easily the old way



    NodeJS and Yarn 1.x are installed. You may use npm instead of yarn.

    Install the framework with yarn

    yarn add global sipa

    You have to ensure, that the path of yarns bin directory is added to PATH.

    So if the command sipa is not available after installation, add the following line to your shell config (~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc/...):

    export PATH="$(yarn global bin):$PATH"

    Install the framework with npm

    npm install -g sipa

    Depending on your global npm directory, you may need to run this command with sudo or as root:

    sudo npm install -g sipa

    After installing with yarn or npm

    That's it!

    The command sipa and its shortcut sipa is now available on the command line.

    Run sipa help for more information.

    Or get started with our tutorial here (TODO).

    Setup a new project

    On the commandline run

    sipa new

    to get an interactive setup and answer the questions.


    Check out the doc at ... to be done. ;-)

    Either checking for mark down solution or even a github page. Github page may be generated from mark down sources.

    Check for nice documentation templates

    Check the need and technical options for translations (=> create the doc with the framework itself?)


    • [x] generators State
      • [x] page generator State
      • [x] layout generator State
      • [x] style asset generator State
      • [x] javascript asset generator State
    • [ ] app release builder State
    • [x] automatic index.html source manager State
    • [ ] index.html src update before build and before live development server start State
    • [ ] file watcher to automatically trigger index.html src update for live development server State
    • [ ] developer documentation (github page?) State
    • [ ] sipa updater (update task) State
    • [ ] built-in ejs rendering for pages and layouts State
    • [ ] built-in translation service State
    • [ ] test on windows platform State
    • [ ] test on naked linux platform (VM) State
    • [ ] add unit tests State


    Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


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