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$ npm install sinopia
$ npm install sinopia-htpasswd-ext

PS: Actually, this module is bundled with sinopia, so you don't have to install it like this. But with other auth plugins you have to.

What's the difference

Added the change password functionality.


Add to your config.yaml:

    file: ./htpasswd

    # Maximum amount of users allowed to register, defaults to "+inf".
    # You can set this to -1 to disable registration.
    #max_users: 1000

Password file format

Passwords are stored in htpasswd file, and it is designed to be compatible with Nginx.

We use standard password hashing in linux (same as in /etc/shadow, on most modern systems it's salted SHA-512), but you can use whatever your glibc supports.

You can manually add new user with this command (see different commands here):

$ echo "user:`mkpasswd --method=sha-512 password`" >> htpasswd

For plugin writers

It's called as:

require('sinopia-htpasswd-ext')(config, stuff)


  • config - module's own config
  • stuff - collection of different internal sinopia objects
    • stuff.config - main config
    • stuff.logger - logger

This should export two functions:

  • adduser(user, password, cb)

    It should respond with:

    • cb(err) in case of an error (error will be returned to user)
    • cb(null, false) in case registration is disabled (next auth plugin will be executed)
    • cb(null, true) in case user registered successfully

    It's useful to set err.status property to set http status code (e.g. err.status = 403).

  • authenticate(user, password, cb)

    It should respond with:

    • cb(err) in case of a fatal error (error will be returned to user, keep those rare)
    • cb(null, false) in case user not authenticated (next auth plugin will be executed)
    • cb(null, [groups]) in case user is authenticated

    Groups is an array of all users/usergroups this user has access to. You should probably include username itself here.


npm i sinopia-htpasswd-ext

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