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SinonJS adapter to use it with hydrajs-testing-helper. This adapter allows you mocking, automatically, all your dependencies making easier the testing of your code.

Updated to version 1.1.3

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Install with Bower

bower install sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper

Install with Component

component install sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper

Install with NPM

npm install sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper

Use in browser

Insert in your html code:

Use with requirejs

Insert in your code:

define(['sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper-adapter'], function () { // code here. });

Common usage

sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper-adapter sets SinonJS as your mock library and manages the mock of all your dependencies automatically.


hydrajs-testing-helper is licensed under MIT license. (see LICENSE file)