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simply is meant to be a helper tool for creating a simple, yet maintainable and modular workflow for your basic everyday development tasks. Simply is modular by design, so sharing, adding or removing task is as simple as copying or removing a folder.

The deployment process is divided into tasks. Tasks are represented by subfolders inside a customizable root directory. Tasks can define their own dependencies which are managed by simply using basic npm logic.


npm install simply-build -g

Basic usage

Execute a single task:

simply task

Chaining tasks together. Tasks run synchronously, so each task will wait for the previous one.

simply task1 task2 task3

Listing all available tasks:

simply --list


I will give you a basic overview how simply works.

All this tool does is search for directories in a folder tasks. These folders represent your tasks. All scripts you put inside your subfolders will be executed by simply. Scripts will be executed in alphabetical order.

So a basic setup might look like this:


This would define two tasks compile & test. To execute those tasks run simply compile or simply test.

Scripts can be either Javascript files, shell scripts, binaries or anything else which is executable on your OS.

Check the following repository for a basic example:


Every task can define it's own dependencies. Just create a .json file inside your task folder & add dependencies using the npm syntax.

For convenience you may want to use npm init and npm install to manage dependencies per task. Install or update task dependencies using:

simply --install

Please note that there is currently no mechanism to deal with concurrent dependencies.


The following options can be added to your package.json:

Option Default Description
directory tasks Defines the tasks directory.
extBinary ["","sh","bat","exe"] Extensions of binary files.
extScript ["js"] Extensions of script files.
extConfig ["json"] Extensions of config files.


  "simply": {
    "directory": "change/your/tasks/folder",
    "extBinary": ["","sh","bat","exe"],
    "extScript": ["js"],
    "extConfig": ["json"]


  • Please create issues for any bugs you encounter.
  • If you would like to contribute just make sure jshint is happy.
  • Also I would like to keep simply as simple as possible.


npm i simply-build

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