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Simplifying JS

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A lightweight library containing multiple utility functions to make your life easier when dealing with arrays and objects.


Open the terminal and navigate to the root directory of your project.
Install Simplifying:

npm i simplifying

If you do not have npm installed, you can download it here.

const array = require('simplifying');
let arr = [2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 2, 4];
//OUTPUT: [2, 3, 4]

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List of all methods on array:

Method Parameters Use
shuffle array: Array Shuffles array and returns it
removeDuplicates array: Array Removes all duplicate elements and returns a new array
pickRandom array: Array,
n: Number,
unique?: Boolean
Returns an array of n random elements from array.
The returned elements will be unique if true is passed in the third parameter
countItem array: Array,
item: any
Returns the frequency of the passed item in the array
countAll array: Array Returns a map which holds the frequencies of all items in the array
searchItems array: Array,
item: any
Returns all positions where the given item is found
removeItems array: Array,
item: any
Deletes multiple occurances of the given item
toArray x: (string, number) Converts string or number to array of characters or digits
merge array1: Array,
array2: Array,
type?: string
Merge two arrays.

type == 'merge-all': Keep the duplicates
type == 'common': Returns common elements
no type: Merge and remove common
clean array: Array Removes null, undefined, '', NaN
flatten array: Array Flattens all nested arrays inside
swapByPosition array: Array,
pos1: number,
pos2: number
Swaps values in pos1 and pos2 in the array
swapByValues array: Array,
value1: any,
value2: any
Swaps value1 and value2 in the array
perform array: Array,
operation: string
Performs the said operation on the array.
Allowed Operations:
sum, product, min, max, average
arrayToObject array: Array Converts an array to object
slide array: Array,
steps: number,
direction?: string
Shifts array by n steps in the given direction. The default direction is left
range array: Array,
start: number,
end: number
Returns a subarray from start to end - 1
jump array: Array,
steps: number
Returns a subarray jumping the steps mentioned
isUnique array: Array Return true if all elements are unique in the array and false otherwise

List of all methods on array of objects:

Method Parameters Use
arrayOfObjectsToObject array: Array,
keyField: string
Converts an array of objects to an object where key is keyField
sortByKeyField array: Array,
keyField: string,
order?: string
Sorts an array of objects based on keyField. Default sorting order is ascending. Pass 'desc' to order for reverse.
getFields array: Array,
fields: Array
Returns an array of objects containing only the required fields
getOneField array: Array,
field: string
Returns an array of all the values of the particular field
searchByKeyField array: Array,
searchField: string,
searchValue: string,
reqFields?: Array
Searches the array for the given (key, value) pair and returns only the reqFields. If nothing is passed, the whole object is returned.
deleteByKeyField array: Array,
field: string,
value: string
Deletes an item based on the (key, value) pair
getKeys array: Array Returns an array of all the keys inside the object. Assumes that all objects have the same keys
findObjects array: Array,
func: Function
Executes the function on all objects and returns the satisfied objects




Subham Das

Open an issue if you feel the need for a change or want to report any bugs.


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