a wrapper for redis to provide simple lua script usage


This module was written to provide a very simple wrapper for the redis library to add lua scripts as members of the prototype.


-- all arguments passed to the function will be in the ARGV table, in order
return ARGV[1]


// the scriptPath option is optional and defaults to './lua' 
// it specifies what directory contains your lua scripts 
// all other parameters are identical to the node_redis module 
var simplelua = require('simplelua');
var client = simplelua.createClient(6379, '', { scriptPath: './lua' });
// since we loaded the file print.lua, we now have client.print available 
client.print('testing', function (errreply) {
  console.log(reply); // "testing" 

This module will allow you to overwrite native redis commands and potentially completely break the module or destroy your data. Consider yourself warned.