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    SimpleHashEncryption provides a customizable and easy way to do encryption and decryption of strings in native node.js.


    npm install simplehashencryption


    • Customizable number of times the hashing function will run
    • Customizable private key that will be used to in combination with the string you are encrypting
    • Ability to turn on/off encryption process debugging
    • Fully promisifyed and written Javascript ES6


    • Two environment variables are required to run this module.
    • A third is optional, but if you enable it you can watch the encryption process print to the logs.

    Environment Variables

    Your private encryption key

    Any key that you own and provide will be used to encrypt your provided string

    export privateEncryptionKey={KEY}

    Encryption algorithm multiplier

    The number of times you want the hash to execute.

    export encryptMultiplier={int}

    Optional: Debugging env var

    This enables the encryption process to print to the logs so you can watch it work

    export debugEncryption=true

    Disable debugging to prevent exposure to the logs

    unset debugEncryption

    Usage Notes

    • Your private key needs to be longer than the raw hashed value of any string you want to encrypt. This is due to the interpolation algorithm that combines the hased raw string with the private key.
    • I reccomend choosing a string of your choice and running it through the algorithm with a 10 multiplier to generate your private key, which will ensure it is long enough for your needs.
    • The hashing/dehashing algorithm must be run the same number of times in both encryption and decryption processes.
    • Make sure you find a way to keep track of your multiplier env variable, you can't decrypt a string without knowing the number of passes it originally had through the encryption process.
    • Don't commit or save your env vars to a file in your project dir or anything connected to cloud storage, just general advice
    • This framework is experimental, it may meet your needs, or it may not. I would advise caution using this in production environments because I am not a security expert and I am not aware or any vulnerabilities.
    • @me on Twitter if you want to discuss @SwiftHacks


    You can see an express server implementation example here

    Here is the main example code in example.js

    // Destructured modules
    const { encrypt, decrypt } = require('simplehashencryption')
    // Go ahead and give it a test
    let input = "This is a Test"
    let resultHash
        console.log(`\n\ninput string: ${input}`)
        resultHash = result
        console.log(`encrypted result: ${result}\n\n`)
        // Immediately decrypt
            console.log(`decrypting string ${resultHash}`)
            console.log(`decrypted result: ${result}\n\n`)


    npm i simplehashencryption

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