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Simple REST Server that emulates Google Docs interface using your Excel files. (currently read-only)


(requires node + npm)

npm install -g simplegdocserver


To host files from the current directory, on port 7263:

$ simplegdocserver

To use a different port, either set the PORT environment variable or pass it as an argument:

$ simplegdocserver 8000

To host from a different directory, pass a third argument or set the BASE_DIR environment variable:

$ simplegdocserver 8000 ./test_files

Interaction with Client Libraries

Using tabletop, just set the endpoint:

   Tabletop.init( {
     endpoint:"http://localhost:7263", // <-- adjust based on server settings 
     key: "myfile.xls", // <-- the actual filename

The demo directory includes a demo using mapsheet to annotate a map.


there is no caching. This is intentional: you can quickly change your data in Excel and simplegdocserver will immediately see the change.