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  • supports multiple transports (mongodb, redis, fs)


var request = require("request");
var simplecache = require("simplecache").connect({
  type: "mongodb",
  connection: mongodbConnection
var articles = simplecache.bucket("articles");
function onContent(err, content) {
function loadContent(onContent) {
  request("", onContent);
//load content the first time 
articles.get({ key: "", ttl: 3600 }, loadContent, onContent);
//don't load content the second time 
articles.get({ key: "", ttl: 3600 }, loadContent, onContent);


cacher simplecache.connect(options)

connects to the target cache transport

  • options - needed for connecting
    • type - type of connection (redis, fs, mongodb)
    • connection - (mongodb) connection

cache cacher.bucket(name)

returns a cache bucket

cache.get(options, onCache, loadCache)

returns cache, or loads it if it doesn't exist

  • options - options for finding the cached data
    • key - used to find the cache
    • ttl - time to live
  • onCache - called if the cache exists, and loads
  • loadCahe - called when the cache doesn't exist, or has expired

cache.put(options, loadCache)

loads the cache

cache.del(options, onDeleted)

removes the cache


  • redis transport
  • fs transport
  • aws transport (implement node-bucket)
  • in-memory cache which persists to another bucket