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Simple Redis Client

It's a pretty simple and basic redis client, designed to be very fast and keep all code simple.

How to install it?

npm install simple_redis_client

How to use?

var redisClient = require("simple_redis_client")
var myClient = redisClient.createClient(6379,"") 

Why to Use?

  • It's extremly fast using buffers compared to other node.js redis clients
  • It has an standar interface that could support any new command without code modifications (ever than the protocol continue being the same)
  • Only 192 lines of code for the client
  • Based on the native c++ hiredis parser (

Advance Options

'createClient' support 3 arguments 'host','port' and 'options', options is optional, if you want to use it, It could have next options

var options={
    return_buffers: Boolean (decide if the return value will be string or buffer, default: true),
    recheck_time: Number (If a disconnect occurs, It's the time in miliseconds between recoinnect tries, default: 1000),
    connectTimeout:  Number (It's the time before emit an error while the connection is creating, default: undefined),


var redisClient = require("simple_redis_client")
var pub = redisClient.createClient(6379,"") 
var sub = redisClient.createClient(6379,"") 
sub.on("message",function(channel, message){
    console.log("My Channel: "+channel+", My message: "+message)
sub.on("pmessage",function(pattern, channel, message){
    console.log("My pattern: "+pattern+", My channel: "+channel+", My message: "+message)

//On clients ready
        sub.execute("PUBLISH","test","test message",function(err){


npm install metrics
node multi_bench.js