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    Simple TSX VDom

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    A simple implementation of a virtual DOM with TSX support.

    Supports the expected regular document element types, SVG, functional components, class components, inline styles, extendable via subclassing and in a small size.

    This is primarily intended for practice and learning. It uses a simple process for applying differences to the DOM but it aims for something that is easily readable and doesn't use any clever tricks.

    Note: This is not intended for production nor as a proper replacement for more complete solutions like React or Preact.


    To get from npm simply run.

    npm install --save simple-tsx-vdom

    Alternatively you can download the code and build it yourself with

    npm run build

    And in the dist folder will be the Javascript and Typescript typings file.

    Also the whole thing is one Typescript file so it's pretty easy to manually add it to your own source code.


    • Small file size about 2.5kb after compression.
    • Simple API, controlled via a class that can be subclassed for fine grain control.
    • No dependencies.
    • Written in Typescript.
    • Pure class components, can be changed to non pure with subclassing.
    • Pure functional components.
    • Diffing process to reduce the number of DOM manipulations.
    • SVG support
    • Inline styles
    • Hydrating from server-side rendering with the use of simple-tsx-vdom-hydration and simple-tsx-vdom-ssr packages.


    I mostly wanted to understand the basics of how a virtual DOM TSX style framework operated so I created one myself. I also wanted it to be feature complete enough to create a simple website with it.


    Below is a very simple example of rendering a state that contains two numbers. One controlled by the user the other by an interval.

    import { vdom, render, FunctionalComponent } from "../../src";
    // Very basic state management
    interface Store
        readonly counter: number;
        readonly timeCounter: number;
    let store: Store = { counter: 0, timeCounter: 0 }
    function changeCounter(diff: number)
        store = {, counter: store.counter + diff };
    function incTimeCounter()
        store = {, timeCounter: store.timeCounter + 1 };
    // App functional component
    interface AppProps
        readonly store: Store;
    const App: FunctionalComponent = (props: AppProps) =>
            <h1>Simple VDom Counter Example</h1>
            <div>Time Counter: {}</div>
            <div>Counter: {}</div>
            <button onclick={() => changeCounter(-1)}>Decrement</button>
            <button onclick={() => changeCounter(1)}>Increment</button>
    // Get the parent element to render the vdom into.
    const rootElement = document.getElementById('root');
    // Render the app on start
    function renderApp()
        render(<App store={store} />, rootElement);
    setInterval(incTimeCounter, 100);




    Alan Lawrey 2021


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