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A NodeJS script that acts as a simple SMTP listen server. Accepts all emails, and emits them both as an EventEmitter and through a socket.

Usage (single access)

If only 1 script needs to receive mails:

let SMTPServer = require("simple-smtp-listener").Server;
let server = new SMTPServer(25 /* port */);
server.on("", (mail)=>{

Usage (multi access)

If multiple scripts need to receive mails, create a symlink at /var/dev/simple-smtp-listener/ pointing to the working directory, then create a symlink at /etc/systemd/system/simple-smtp-listener.service pointing to ./service/simple-smtp-listener.service. Finally run sudo systemctl start simple-smtp-listener. This starts the server and keeps it running should it crash.

If you aren't running systemd, do the equivalent on your system.

Then in your scripts do

let SMTPClient = require("simple-smtp-listener");
let client = new SMTPClient();
client.on("", ()=>{

Mail object

All listeners receive a single response, a Mail object. This is simply the email parsed by Nodemailer's Mailparser. See their documentation for details.


If you need access to mails from non-JS code (or you don't want to use SMTPClient), you can instead listen to the UNIX/Windows socket (default UNIX location: /tmp/app.simple-smtp-listener).

The server emits emails as UTF8-encoded JSON to all clients, using node-ipc.