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A simple website generator.


Install with npm install -g simple-site.

Run with simple-site build.


Simple-site recursively processes all files in the current directory and outputs them into an output directory. Depending on the file extension, different actions take place.

  • *.md apply the contents to the given template (see below).
  • *.html apply possibly existing handlebar {{...}} tags.
  • all other files copied into the output directory without any processing.


A simple .md file looks like this:

title: Hello site!
author: Joe Doe
date: 2017-03-17
template: _templates/simple.html
Here some *markdown* content.

the corresponding template simple.html would be:

    {{date}}, {{author}}

{{...}} are handlebars expressions which reference the data from the .md file.


Configuration parameters can be defined on the command line simple-site build --outputDir=dist or in a file named _config.yaml. All parameters are available in handlebar tags. The following parameters exist:

outputDir The output directory. Default: output

exclude File patterns that should excluded from processing (by default all files starting with _ or . are already excluded).

watch When present, all files are watched and processed on change, the output directory is served on port 8111.


All .js files in _plugins are read and processed at the begin of the process.