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A react audio component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths. This is a modified version of react player ( for a dj app i built. I stripped down react-player to a basic audio element that retains the props from the original react-player. I have also added a crossOrigin prop (works with SoundCloud SDK)


If you are using npm and need to support browsers without Promise you will need a Promise polyfill. To support Streamable or Vidme videos you will also need a fetch polyfill for browsers without fetch


npm install simple-react-player --save
import React, { Component } from 'react'
import ReactPlayer from 'react-player'
class App extends Component {
  render () {
    return <ReactPlayer url='' playing />


Prop Description Default
url The url of a video or song to play
playing Set to true or false to pause or play the media false
loop Set to true or false to loop the media false
controls Set to true or false to display native player controls
Note: Vimeo player controls are not configurable and will always display
volume Sets the volume of the appropriate player 0.8
playbackRate Sets the playback rate of the appropriate player 1
width Sets the width of the player 640
height Sets the height of the player 360
hidden Set to true to hide the player false
className Pass in a className to set on the root element
style Add inline styles to the root element
progressFrequency The time between onProgress callbacks, in milliseconds 1000
crossOrigin either 'anonymous' or 'use-credentials' anonymous

Callback props

Callback props take a function that gets fired on various player events:

Prop Description
onReady Called when media is loaded and ready to play. If playing is set to true, media will play immediately
onStart Called when media starts playing
onPlay Called when media starts or resumes playing after pausing or buffering
onProgress Callback containing played and loaded progress as a fraction
eg { played: 0.12, loaded: 0.34 }
onDuration Callback containing duration of the media, in seconds
onPause Called when media is paused
onBuffer Called when media starts buffering
onEnded Called when media finishes playing
onError Called when an error occurs whilst attempting to play media

Config props

This prop allows you to override the parameters for the player:

Prop Description
fileConfig Configuration object for the file player.
Set attributes to apply element attributes.


To seek to a certain part of the media, there is a seekTo(fraction) instance method that will seek to the appropriate place in the media. See App.js for an example of this using refs.

Supported media


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