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Simple React Modal


npm install simple-react-modal


<Modal show={} onClose={this.close}>
  <div>hey, click outside of me to close me!</div>


CSS powered transitions!

In your css file have a transition for the opacity: transition: 'opacity 1s ease-in', now all you do is add in the transition speed as a prop. In the css example I just gave, it's one second:

<Modal show={} onClose={this.close} transitionSpeed={1000}>
  <div>hey, click outside of me to close me!</div>

Now the component will open with your transition, and wait to hide until it finishes! Don't like transitions? Leave out the prop and everything works the same.

Full Example

An incredibly simple modal dialog, because after writing this post, I found none of the ones listed let you easily overwrite the css!

import Modal, {closeStyle} from 'simple-react-modal'
export default class App extends React.Component{
    this.state = {}
    this.setState({show: true})
    this.setState({show: false})
    return (
      <a onClick={}>Open Modal</a>
      className="test-class" //this will completely overwrite the default css completely
      style={{background: 'red'}} //overwrites the default background
      containerStyle={{background: 'blue'}} //changes styling on the inner content area
      <a style={closeStyle} onClick={this.close.bind(this)}>X</a>


  • closeOnOuterClick: If someone clicks outside of the modal when it's in focus, should it close? You choose. (bool)

  • show: true or false

  • onClose: when the modal is sending the close event (only happens is closeOnOuterClick is true)

  • className: this will allow you to completely change the default css located in the component.

  • containerClassName: change the class on the containing div

  • containerStyle: changes styles on the modal content area

Minimum required props would be show and onClose. You can optionally pull in closeStyle to use the default close button.

Why this modal?

The big difference is that you can use the default style, overwrite just the things you want with the style or containerStyle props, or throw on a class name and completely style everything yourself.

Customizing the style via a css class is easy, to target the actual content area it will be .your-class div.

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