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    A minimal implementation of the core Passport interface to allow usage of Passport strategy modules.


    Passport does a lot of things that I don't want or need:

    I've also felt an inversion-of-control problem, where Passport takes over control flow and makes it difficult to follow execution.

    This module is the minimal subset of Passport that I do want and need. The result is just enough to provide the expected interface to strategy modules.

    Disclaimer: This module is not battle-hardened and may not work with all strategy modules.


    This module provides an authenticate() function that is similar to the regular passport.authenticate() function (provides an entry point into strategy modules), but with a slightly different interface.

    You don't need to register strategies or use middleware. authenticate() is a normal async function that takes inputs and calls a callback with whether the authentication succeeded. It's up to the application to perform necessary logic in the callback (e.g., set req.user).


    var passport = require("simple-passport");
    var BasicStrategy = require("passport-http").BasicStrategy;
    var http = require("http");
    var strategy = new BasicStrategy(function(userid, password, callback) {
      callback(null, userid === "foo" && password === "bar");
    http.createServer(function(req, res) {
      // Authenticate using http basic access authentication
      passport.authenticate(req, res, strategy, function(err, authed) {
        if ( ! authed) {
          res.statusCode = 403;
        else {
          // Authenticated!
          // ...


    var passport = require("simple-passport");
    passport.authenticate(req, res, strategy, [options,] callback)

    Perform authentication using the given strategy object and call the callback with the result. This is similar to using the regular passport.authenticate() function with a "custom callback".

    • req: The current http request, some strategies read headers, etc.
    • res: The current http response, some strategies call res.redirect(), etc.
    • strategy: The strategy object to use
    • options: Passed to the strategy object's .authenticate() function (optional, depends on the strategy)
    • callback: See below
    callback(err, result, info, status)

    The callback is later called with the result of the strategy, except for when a strategy calls for a redirect.

    • err: An error if one occurred
    • result: Result from the strategy (depends on the strategy, sometimes a "user object", sometimes a boolean indicating success); falsey if authentication failed
    • info: Some strategies return additional data
    • status: Some strategies return a status code



    npm i simple-passport

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