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A simple logging package to colorize logging standard output

A logger which colorizes output, auto-inspects objects, and correctly writes to stdout or stderror. Can be marked as sync (blockingly writes to stdout/err) or async (uses console.log, not synchronous).

npm install simple-logger
var log = require('simple-logger')

// Info'An informational message!');
log.warn('A warning!');
log.error('An error!');
    Set the log level. Anything below the level will not be outputted

    Values: 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'silent'
    Default: 'warn'

    Whether or not to synchronously ouput to stdout/err. Essentially this
    flag switches between console.log and process.stdout.write.

    Default: true

    Prints colorful output, and colorizes auto-inspected objects

    Default: true

Log multiple objects in one call!

log.warn('hello', [1,2,3]);
WARN: hello 1,2,3

Objects are auto-inspected

log.warn({foo: 'bar', duck: 'pie'});
WARN: { foo: 'bar', duck: 'pie' }