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Simple installer

Download and/or install programs in similar manner to chocolatey or similar installation managers.

  • crossplatform (tested on windows and debian)
  • downloads files (optional) and runs commands
  • skips already installed programs
  • could be used as a simple task runner
  • could work as a downloader
  • simple and because of that flexible and expendable api
  • tested with 100% coverage
  • uses harmony mode for generators and npm co to manage execution flow



To launch tests you have to run npm install then npm test or if you prefer grunt test.

If you want to contribute make sure to run grunt githooks first thing after clone. It will create pre-commit hook and run tests and jshint before you commit. Please use git flow - create a feature branch for your feature and send a pull request to dev.


SimpleInstaller exports a constructor, which takes and object with following properties:

  • link :string - (optional) url to installer/executable or any other resource
  • name :string - used for progress reporting and for installation process, see installProgram for details
  • prefix :string - (optional) used for installation process, prepends part of command to name, see installProgram for details
  • postfix :string - (optional) used for installation process, appends part of command to name, see installProgram for details
  • update :generator function - (optional) if program is already installed it runs user code for an update
  • tempFolder :string - (optional) overwrites SimpleInstaller.tempFolder
  • installMessage :string - (optional) used for progress reporting, overwrites default string 'installing ' +

Constructor has following static properties:

  • tempFolder :string - defaults to "temp", all downloads will be placed here

Constructor has following prototype methods:

  • run :generator function - first it runs isInstalled, if result is successful it runs chooseInstallProcess, otherwise it runs runUpdateIfExists
  • isInstalled :function - uses crossplatform version of which verifying that exists in your path
  • runUpdateIfExists :generator function - if info.update exists, it will run it. this is referring to info object
  • chooseInstallProcess :generator function - if wasn't specified it runs installProgram, else it runs downloadAndInstall
  • downloadAndInstall :generator function - downloads and runs installProgram
  • installProgram :function - concatenates info.prefix, and info.postfix and runs results as a command line


//following will install git on windows using git.inf if git.exe doesn't exist in your path
var co = require('co');
var SimpleInstaller = require('simple-installer');
co(function* () {
    yield new SimpleInstaller({
        link: '' +
        name: 'git.exe',
        '/COMPONENTS="icons,ext\\reg\\shellhere,assoc,assoc_sh" /LOADINF="git.inf"'
//same example for debian
var co = require('co');
var SimpleInstaller = require('simple-installer');
co(function* () {
    yield new SimpleInstaller({
        prefix: 'apt-get install ',
        name: 'git'

For advanced usage (batch install, update, ...) check example folder.



npm i simple-installer

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