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This module aims to provide additional information beyond what the os.networkInterfaces() method returns (via Node) for each detected network interface.


  • Node.js: >= v6.x
  • Platform: Darwin, Unix or Linux (Windows is not supported at this time)


npm install simple-ifconfig



Creates a new instance of the NetworkInfo class that allows for interaction with the networking interfaces of the system.

new NetworkInfo(options)

Options (optional)

  • ifconfigPath (optional, String) - defaults to /sbin/ifconfig when not provided; defines the path to the ifconfig executable
  • active (optional, Boolean) - defaults to true when not provided; when true, only the interfaces that are connected and actively transmitting data are included
  • internal (optional, Boolean) - defaults to false when not provided; when true, internal (i.e. loopback, etc.) adapters are included when interacting with various other module methods
  • verbose (optional, Booelan) - defaults to true when not provided; when true, ifconfig is called with the verbose flag (-v) - on some distros (i.e. Alpine Linux) this flag is not supported and it is helpful to turn it off
import { NetworkInfo } from 'simple-ifconfig';
  ifconfigPath = '/sbin/ifconfg',
  active = false,
  internal = false;
let networking = new NetworkInfo({
// work with networking instance...


Uses ifconfig to set hardwareAddress, ipv4, mtu as well as up/down (active) status for an interface.

new NetworkInfo().applySettings(interfaceName, settings)

import { NetworkInfo } from 'simple-ifconfig';
let networking = new NetworkInfo();
  .applySettings(`eth0`, {
    active : true,
    hardwareAddress : 'AA:BB:CC:00:11:22',
    ipv4 : {
      address : '',
      broadcast : '',
      netmask : ''
    mtu : 1800
  • active (optional, Boolean) - brings the interface specified up when true or down when false
  • hardwareAddress (optional, String) - will change the MAC address of the specified interface to the provided value when specified
  • ipv4 (optional, Object) - will allow for specifying IP address (STATIC) configuration for the specified interface
    • address (optional, String)
    • broadcast (optional, String)
    • netmask (optional, String)
  • mtu (optional, Number) - when provided, sets the MTU for the specified interface

note: in order to clear a statically configured IP address, most OS variants support providing to "unset" the previously specified address, broadcast and subnet


Retrieves an array of available interfaces, optionally filtered according to options provided to the constructor.

new NetworkInfo().listInterfaces()

import { NetworkInfo } from 'simple-ifconfig';
let networking = new NetworkInfo();

Example output:

[ { hardwareAddress: '28:cf:e9:17:99:a9',
    internal: false,
    name: 'en0',
     { broadcast: true,
       multicast: true,
       running: true,
       simplex: true,
       smart: true,
       up: true },
    index: 4,
    mtu: 1500,
    ipv6: [ { address: 'fe80::8f0:d3fc:39a2:bb9d', prefixLength: 64 } ],
     [ { address: '',
         netmask: '',
         broadcast: '' } ],
    active: true },
  { hardwareAddress: 'a8:20:66:16:d4:9d',
    internal: false,
    name: 'en3',
     { broadcast: true,
       multicast: true,
       running: true,
       simplex: true,
       smart: true,
       up: true },
    index: 8,
    mtu: 1500,
    ipv6: [ { address: 'fe80::48e:ceba:32c2:923c', prefixLength: 64 } ],
     [ { address: '',
         netmask: '',
         broadcast: '' } ],
    active: true },
  { hardwareAddress: '4e:98:56:5b:36:97',
    internal: false,
    name: 'awdl0',
     { broadcast: true,
       multicast: true,
       promisc: true,
       running: true,
       simplex: true,
       up: true },
    index: 11,
    mtu: 1484,
    ipv6: [ { address: 'fe80::4c98:56ff:fe5b:3697', prefixLength: 64 } ],
    active: true } ]


Each interface returned is an object with the following properties:

  • active (required, Boolean) - indicates whether or not the interface is connected and actively transmitting data
  • flags (optional, String) - a sub-document that provides additional detail regarding the interface and its hardware configuration
    • addrconf (optional, Boolean)
    • allmulti (optional, Boolean)
    • anycast (optional, Boolean)
    • broadcast (optional, Boolean)
    • cluif (optional, Boolean)
    • cos (optional, Boolean)
    • debug (optional, Boolean)
    • deprecated (optional, Boolean)
    • dhcp (optional, Boolean)
    • duplicate (optional, Boolean)
    • failed (optional, Boolean)
    • fixedmtu (optional, Boolean)
    • grouprt (optional, Boolean)
    • inactive (optional, Boolean)
    • loopback (optional, Boolean)
    • mip (optional, Boolean)
    • multibcast (optional, Boolean)
    • multicast (optional, Boolean)
    • multinet (optional, Boolean)
    • noarp (optional, Boolean)
    • nochecksum (optional, Boolean)
    • nofailover (optional, Boolean)
    • nolocal (optional, Boolean)
    • nonud (optional, Boolean)
    • nortexch (optional, Boolean)
    • notrailers (optional, Boolean)
    • noxmit (optional, Boolean)
    • oactive (optional, Boolean)
    • offline (optional, Boolean)
    • pfcopyall (optional, Boolean)
    • pointopoint (optional, Boolean)
    • preferred (optional, Boolean)
    • private (optional, Boolean)
    • pseg (optional, Boolean)
    • promisc (optional, Boolean)
    • quorumloss (optional, Boolean)
    • router (optional, Boolean)
    • running (optional, Boolean)
    • simplex (optional, Boolean)
    • smart (optional, Boolean)
    • standby (optional, Boolean)
    • temporary (optional, Boolean)
    • unnumbered (optional, Boolean)
    • up (optional, Boolean)
    • virtual (optional, Boolean)
    • varmtu (optional, Boolean)
    • xresolv (optional, Boolean)
  • hardwareAddress (required, String) - the MAC address assigned to the interface
  • index (optional, String) - on Darwin OS, this is functionality equivalent to metric... it is the prioritized order of the interface to the OS
  • internal (required, Boolean) - indicates whether the interface exists for internal use within the OS (i.e. a loopback interface)
  • ipv4 (optional, Array) - IPv4 address information for the interface
    • address (optional, String)
    • broadcast (optional, String)
    • netmask (optional, String)
  • ipv6 (optional, Array) - IPv6 address information for the interface
    • address (optional, String)
    • prefixLength (optional, Number)
  • metric (optional, Number) - the prioritized order of the interface to the OS
  • mtu (optional, Number) - the maximum transmission unit size for the interface
  • name (required, String) - the name assigned to the interface


npm i simple-ifconfig

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